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This does work 100% you just need to follow everything correctly! If you have iPhone or android press the green button with the arrow instead of the grey button at the bottom of the screen! Also do not drag the room up more than 3 times OR YOUR GAME WILL LAG SERIOUSLY IT WILL BE SLOW but just I case that happens put two in your inventory and sell the rest to get your Simoleons. Also you will need two of the same item to duplicate them you can’t have for example the same type of chair with different colours or different items with the same size or different sizes IT WON’T WORK! Only swipe up the bottom edge of the room of the smaller room 1-3 times or else… YOUR GAME WILL LAG. Oh and you need to do this at the bottom left hand side of your empty lot so that the cheat/glitch can work! •o• Make sure you do this cheat on an empty lot where no one important lives so it doesn’t mess anything up and you can demolish your house when you have enough or keep it to do more of my cheats winks* o.o
For me this has been the easiest way to get a lot of Simoleons so I do recommend this I will have a second video soon to show everyone another way to get Simoleons just In case you might feel uncomfortable doing this cheat/glitch. So don’t worry.
Questions??? 🤔

Can I duplicate more than one item at a time?

Answer: Ŷup, just make sure the double door is in front of the two of the same items that you will be selling or duplicating. 😊

Can I skip the duplicating door part?

Answer: Ñope sorry you need it, it’s one of the vital things you need too make this cheat happen! 😅

My door won’t blink red, PLEASE HELP!?!?

Answer: In the video as you can see my door did not blink red the first time I tried so I repeated the previous step of getting the double door and placing it of the edge of the room and then carried on and it worked, try it! ☺️

I don’t have an empty lot, what should I do!?!?

Answer: You could either buy a cheap house then delete all the rooms and put everything in your inventory or sell them then tadaa you have an empty lot or you could delete everything on a pre-built house and place them in your inventory or sell them ooooorrrrrrrr you could do it on any lot just make sure it’s at the bottom left hand side of the lot make sure there’s space!!! 😁
Here is the link for detail instructions on my blog 😜
More videos will be posted soon mwah
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The Sims Freeplay unlimited Simoleons and LP glitch (Movie Studio Update)

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Sims FreePlay Generator

Sims Freeplay Simoleon Cheat-2016

Sims FreePlay Generator

Sims Freeplay Simoleon Cheat-2016

Explanation video:
This is the patio duplication glitch but in a different way, approved for the police update. Within minutes you’ll have 1,000,000 simoleons. You can start with a table and work your way up to more expensive items. The more expensive the buy the more it sells for.

P.S. This can only be done after completing the peaceful patios quest. Which you get at I believe level 13 maybe? It’s in the park though and you have to of completed the real estate quest too I think.
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Sims FreePlay Generator

The Sims Freeplay – GET UNLIMITED SIMOLEON (and Lifestyle Points)

Sims FreePlay Generator

Website –

In today’s video I’ll be showing you easy way on how to Get Unlimited Simoleons and Lifestyle points. Tutorial is super easy, and it doesn’t require cydia or having rooted phone/tablet. It’s possible to hack both iOS version of The Sims Freeplay and Android. After following the steps Simoleons and/or Lifestyle points should appear immediately.

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In this hack, you will need,
•Market unlocker:
Also, you get VIP, simoleons, and lifestyle points for free
Some errors occurred while using this so I will leave a link on how to fix this.

Sims FreePlay Generator

Sims Freeplay Hack Simoleons and LP 2016 (Android/iOS) The Sims Freeplay Cheat

Sims FreePlay Generator

The sims freeplay hack and cheat to generate more simoleons and LP fast just in few minutes. in this video you can see on how to hack the sims freeplay easy without root/jailbreak you just visit @ and go to page genrator then enter your sims freeplay username and connect your account. then please choose the amount of simoleons and lp as you need then start generate and wait in couple seconds. the first steps you must verify you are a human and not both. f all completed just restart your sims freeplay and enjoy!

The Sims Freeplay


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Sims FreePlay Generator

The Sims FreePlay How to get unlimited resources(Simoleons, Extra XP)

Sims FreePlay Generator

Whats up friends. If you want hack tool as for The Sims FreePlay then furthermore this is appropriate web site for your needs. You’ll carry unlimited Simoleons, Extra XP and Lifestyle Points in some mins. Using this The Sims FreePlay hack tool have the ability to make virtually any amount of equipment! We all know exactly how irritating it truly is to collect resources and also spare all of them. Regularly manufacturers write online games where you can enjoy with big pleasure only if player decide to purchase a few things in this online game. That is why this site has produced this useful original hack. This valuable hack tool operate correctly in iPhone, iPad and Android gadgets while not having jailbreak or root. Our group put in much time to make this amazing cheats tool. Of course, it is free of any virus. Furthermore, it truly is appropriate for both of these platforms: Android & iOS. Each of our readily available programs currently have own antiban system and also working out proxies server. So a it is actually fully disguised. If you are able to spend time playing this amazing game in the device, then you should it will be possible to apply our very own The Sims FreePlay Android Hack.
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the sims freeplay hack – the sims freeplay cheat! sims freeplay cheat 2016 100% works.
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The Sims Freeplay hack adds unlimited in-game resources like Simoleons and Lifestyle points. Resources added with The Sims Freeplay hack are readily available to be used. Watch the The Sims Freeplay video above to learn how to use the tool and get infinite LP and Simoleons instantly to any iOS, Android or Windows mobile game account using only a username.

This Sims Freeplay hack is an online generator and doesn’t require to be downloaded or your device to be rooted or jailbroken. The Sims Freeplay hack works with all browsers, PC, Mac and all mobile devices. Online generator from this video is undetectable, proxy and anti-ban protected.
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Sims FreePlay Generator