Sims FreePlay – Let’s Build a Bungalow (Live Build Tutorial)

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This is a Sims FreePlay Let’s Build Tutorial for a bungalow, which is generally defined as a one-story house with a porch. This Sims FreePlay house has a bonus basement however! There are 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, living/dining area, kitchen, laundry room, and pool. We previously toured a similar Sims FreePlay bungalow in our video called “2nd Dream Home” here:

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“Over Under” by Kevin MacLeod (
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16 thoughts on “Sims FreePlay – Let’s Build a Bungalow (Live Build Tutorial)

  1. Now I really wish I had completed the event for furniture! Hopefully they'll bring it back soon. Btw, I LOVE your videos! Has anyone ever told you that you sound like Ellen? I like it 😊

  2. I have began to build this bungalow in my town but I have made a few changes , I am making it for a family of 4 with a pet , (I'm really bad at house designs ) 😂

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