Top 10 Ways To Get Simoleons And Lp’s In The Sims FreePlay

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways To Get Simoleons And Lp’s In The Sims FreePlay

  1. One thing I do is keep making sims kiss hands because its a quick way to get exp if you do it over and over.

  2. +Jessica Mellone to get free LP… must have a garden patch..then press the garden patch a few press the 3 dots and then press the sidewards !!!,change the languege to French then press back and go back in your game..and click your garden patch a few times again you will realise the LP plant is loading..when it comes out it should be blank..if it doesn't work try again cause' you might have done something wrong..if you don't understand me search"how to get free LP on sims freeplay" and click on rhe video and skip it forward a bit and see if the video is about what i commented about 🙂 i hoped this helped you for anyone who wants free LP

  3. I just love u girl ya know y cause I'm like wondering can I get simoleans with an iTunes card and thx to u I found put I can love ya fro saying that 🙂

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